Most Popular Shipping & Logistics Articles of 2015

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2015 was an eventful year full of helpful tips, industry news, and tons of blog articles. In case you missed something, we’ve put together a list of the most popular articles of the year. We will start with #15 and work our way down to the most visited post of 2015!

Note: there were a few articles from previous years that snuck into the top 15 but we removed those to focus on posts that were published in 2015.

Revolutionary “Vindskip” Ship Design Turns Heads, Saves Green

Revolutionary "vindskip" ship designAs more focus has been put on “going green” in the ocean shipping industry, companies have been working on more efficient ship designs. This sleek ship rethinks the standard vessel and is able to use the same technology as airplanes to sail into the wind. On top of all of that excitement, you might see this vessel on the open seas as soon as 2019!
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Drone Deployment In Japanese Shipyards May Increase Safety and Efficiency

Japanese company Tsuneishi Holdings has been testing drones around their facility to do various jobs that are quite dangerous for their human employees. Check out the press release and video, where you can see these commercial drones in action.
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Purple Beach Container Ship Evacuated Due to Fire

German Central Command for Maritime Emergencies (CCME)

German Central Command for Maritime Emergencies (CCME)

This 630ft container ship departed from Port Immingham carrying fertilizer, which is known to easily burst into flames. Included in this post is a video of the Purple Beach container ship after a second fire broke out on its journey to Germany.
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Open Letter to the Port Authorities of California

As shutdowns caused congestion and increased rates for shippers, we decided to publish an open letter to port authorities. This letter was written on behalf of all US importers and exporters who were sharing the consequences of the labor unions and Pacific Maritime Associations disagreements.
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Shipping Demurrage and Detention Charges Explained in Plain English

Forklift-at-dockyard-with-beautiful-skyThese two terms can get confusing at times, so we dedicated an entire article to ensure you understand where these charges come from. From basic definitions to helpful tips on avoiding these fees, this post is sure to cover any question you’ve ever had.
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Top 5 Personal Shipping Questions Answered

We are prepared to answer any of your personal shipment questions, but what if you aren’t sure what to ask? This article contains answers to the 5 basic questions you should always be aware of when coordinating a shipment.
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CSCL Globe: Inside Look at Second Largest Container Ship in the World

cscl-globe-full-of-containersAlthough it only held the record of “world’s largest ship” for a couple of months, this 400 meter long vessel is still impressive. Included in this article is a video that explores the vessel’s engine room and has some pretty amazing views of the ships 19,000 containers being unloaded.
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Staying out of Trouble with Customs and Border Patrol

Customs inspecting container.There are countless ways to find yourself in trouble with Customs and Border Control. In this post, we take a look at the importance of customs, a few reasons your cargo might get seized, and what you should expect in the process of getting your goods back.
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JOC’s Top 40 Carrier Ranking Shows Growth, Strong Competition

Two Maersk ships sailingEvery year the online Journal of Commerce releases an assessment of the top carriers that use US trade lanes. We took the information given in their large table and simplified it. Our analysis looks at the growth rates, the shifts we have seen in the top contenders, and what to look for in the year to come.
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New Trucking Regulations Say to Shippers: Adjust your Expectations

In this artcle, we take a look at a new bill that could cause logistics professionals to rethink their expectations of cargo delivery. Too often we see truck drivers breaking federal regulations to meet shippers tight deadlines, and these new regulations are working to put a stop to this problem.

Self-Driving Truck Offers “Inspiration” and a Look to the Future

Photo: DaimlerThe first automated commercial big rig was unveiled by Freightliner Trucks. This amazing vehicle has the ability read road signs and traffic signals, detect severe weather conditions, and scan up to 800ft ahead. While it isn’t ready to take the road alone just yet, this truck is definitely worth checking out.
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PortMiami Tunnel: The New Standard in Transportation Infrastructure

port-of-miami-tunnel-operations-centerAfter receiving a behind-the-scenes tour of the tunnel’s operations center, we starting working on an article that turned out to be much more than originally planned. This paper covers everything from planning and development to the future plans of this amazing project.
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The Nicaragua Canal: Everything You Need to Know

This project, which should be completed in 2020, will create an alternate shipping route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. See the many ways the opening of this canal could benefit Nicaragua, but also a few of the ways many citizens will be affected.
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Head to Head: Foreign Trade Zones vs. Bonded Warehouses

ftz-vs-bwChoosing where to store your products can be a complicated task. In this article, we look at the many differences between foreign trade zones and bonded warehouses to help decide which is best for your supply chain needs.
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Shocking Photos of West Coast Port Congestion, LA and Long Beach

Photo credit: Michael Kelley /

Photo credit: Michael Kelley /

We have reached the most read article of 2015! We were shocked to see the impact the labor disputes were having on West Coast ports, so included in this article is a slideshow of mind-blowing pictures. 
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