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As you are likely aware, the industry continues to face continued consumer demand and major challenges. This as an adverse effect on the availability of equipment. Due to delays in transit and storage challenges in North America, customers are retaining their equipment for longer than average periods

We will listen to your unique situation and recommend the exact set of services that you need to get your goods from origin to destination without delay and without unnecessary steps. You will have complete control over all pertinent documentation. In addition, you can benefit from our quick clearance service, which allows your goods to get to their final destination faster.

We also offer:

Just when things seem like they can’t get any better, they do!

All of our value-added services are taken care of in-house by our dedicated, experienced team.

Simple and Streamlined Global Supply Chains

Supply chains can be complicated, but they shouldn’t be for you. We streamline the air freight forwarding process by booking your cargo, handling pickup and delivery, and managing all documentation every step of the way. We offer domestic and international services, handle imports and exports, and we can even accommodate your perishable goods. And no matter how many steps it involves or what we have to do, we get it done according to your needs and on your schedule.

If you’ve worked with an air freight company in the past that tries to explain to you how complex air freight is, or comes up with a list of excuses about why your shipment can’t be where you need it the next day, you know how frustrating it is to be told “no.” Fortunately, LILLY + Associates is a “yes” company that won’t give you excuses – just one low rate tailored to fit your exact needs. Call us today to get the quote that will change the way you do business.

You can rely on our warehousing services for:

Foreign Trade Zone

Dry storage

Inventory Overflow


We take care of your inventory and warehousing needs so you can focus on growing your business.

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Cargo waiting to be loaded on to plane.

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