Interested in a Career in Logistics?

The father of ShipLilly’s founder Lilly Cabrera once told her that the best careers are in logistics because “there’s always something that has to be shipped.”  If you look around you now, most items you are looking at have been shipped, whether it is the parts that make up your computer, the light bulb, the desk or your cell phone.  International distributors, suppliers and manufacturers look to freight forwarders such as ShipLilly to help them ship goods globally from door to door. The industry is booming and we are looking for qualified logistics professionals who would like to further their career.

ShipLilly is a well-established and growing company. The company culture focuses on empowering employees by providing the tools and empowerment they need in order to fulfill goals. One of LILLY’s employees witnessed that empowerment and said, “The fact that administration values everyone’s opinion and tries to empower its employees to reach the next level is amazing.” It is remarkable what the company has been able to accomplish based on that empowerment alone – large-scale initiatives are developed and enacted across the company’s organizational structure. It has been the highest priority of our company’s human resource department to develop recognition programs and forward thinking initiatives for our employees. It is the company’s mission to encourage and facilitate a positive work environment for our employees.

The company is well respected in the industry and growing rapidly. If you are interested in a career in logistics and would like to join our amazing team of professionals, please take a look at the job postings below. You may apply directly by clicking the link.

ShipLilly's Job Openings