About Us

We are proud to share a piece of our history with you

We are an international transportation and logistics company headquartered in the U.S. committed to providing our customers with effective transportation, logistics, warehousing and e-commerce solutions.

⚫An Amazing Journey that Started in 1979

Lilly Cabrera, founder and director of LILLY + Associates International, came to Miami in 1979 from Peru. With three children to support, Ms. Lilly (as her employees affectionately call her) began working as soon as she could, putting in long hours waiting tables and cleaning apartments and offices. When Ms. Lilly was thinking about what kind of career to follow, she remembered what her father told her,
“There’s always something that has to be shipped.”


Ms. Lilly found her first job in the trade sector as a receptionist at a freight forwarding company and learned everything she could from the ground up. After working in the industry for decades, Ms. Lilly realized that international trade was expanding rapidly in Miami. With tremendous foresight, she decided to use her lifetime savings and skills in international trade to start her own company with her son Nelson R. Cabrera in 1996.


Listed Among Top 100 Companies in South Florida


LILLY works with a multitude of customers – from large corporations with complex global supply chains, to mom and pop distributors, to individuals moving overseas shipping personal items via ocean freight. LILLY offers logistics customers something different than an average international freight forwarder and takes the time to get to know their customer’s operation on a micro level to find any missed opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings.

The company has found a true value-added service for customers dubbed “foreign to foreign” market. LILLY has revolutionized company’s supply chains by shipping directly from a company’s foreign supplier or manufacturer, eliminating the holds and fees from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and almost half of shipping costs, direct to the company’s end user in another foreign country.

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As a testament to the company’s hard work and innovation within the logistics industry, the company was named a finalist in Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s Top Minority Business Awards in the category of “On the Map – Miami and Beyond,” South Florida Business Journal’s list of the Top 100 private companies in South Florida, and Florida Business Journal’s list of the “Fast 100” multiple times (fastest growing companies in the state). The company is honored to be included amongst some of South Florida’s greatest companies.

Truly Global

Today LILLY + Associates International operates with wholly-owned offices in North America, South/Central America, and Asia. With hundreds of employees and thousands of agents around the world, LILLY provides effective door-to-door transportation and logistics solutions to our customers.

Bringing it all Together

LILLY + Associates International’s founders knew from the begining that the key to the ongoing success of the company would be to offer personal service and attention to detail. Although it is a seemingly simple solution to long-term success, the team at LILLY acts like a family and takes the time to listen to their customers when developing departments, best practices, new technology, and new services. This is what has always governed LILLY’s priorities and has strengthened our business model for over 20 years.