CSCL Globe: Inside Look at Second Largest Container Ship in the World

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The CSCL Globe, a massive container ship with the ability to haul 19,000 TEUs, impressed shippers when it came onto the scene in late 2014. China Shipping worked with the Hyundai shipyard to construct a vessel 400 meters long and 60 meters wide. To help create a visual, just imagine four football fields end to end. Even the best quarterbacks couldn’t get a “Hail Mary” pass across the entire ship! The smart design serves to increase efficiency over the Asia-Europe trade route and brings significant influence to the China Shipping brand.

“Second Best” but still impressive

But while many thought the CSCL Globe would hold the “world’s largest ship” record for a long time to come, competition in the industry has cut China Shipping’s reign short. Less than a month ago, the Mediterranean Shipping Company launched the gigantic MSC Oscar, a vessel with roughly 100 more TEU capacity than the Globe. However, the physical size of the Oscar is slightly smaller than the CSCL Globe, leaving China Shipping with at least some bragging rights to their name.

You can see from the video below that maneuvering such a large vessel is no small feat – and neither is getting from one end to the other! For more information on the world’s biggest container ships, check out our previous post, where we explore the literal giants of the shipping game and give you a peek at what’s to come.

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