Desgagnés Group Widens its Fleet With Polar Class Dual Fuel Tanker

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Mia Desgagnes tanker ship

Desgagnés is a Canadian shipping firm with 19 vessels under its belt.  The group began along the Waters of St-Lawrence and has grown into a powerful International presence especially among shippers. The M/T Rossi A Desgagnés team joined with M/T Gaïa Desgagnés recently and the investments for both exceed over 100 million Canadian dollars.

They have maintained a very intimate relationship with the ocean knowing that it is not forgiving of false moves and neither is the company. To that end the company has made it clear that something as simple as a broken Halo could instigate an environmental disaster and ruin the reputation of the organization as a whole which is why they constantly seek Improvement and continually aim for perfection, taking every effort possible to reduce their environmental footprint while simultaneously protecting against any potential environmental damage. The group has a reputation for being a merchant and a leader among marine operations. Their motto has always been to work by the same values with every move the company makes, paying attention to detail, and helping to support sustainability.

World’s first polar class dual fuel oil/chemical tankers

Desgagnés, a company based out of the port of Quebec is a privately owned group whose profile has risen steadily not just across Canada or North America but around the world. They have attracted a great deal of attention after laying claim to the introduction of the world’s first polar class dual fuel tanker.

The carrier took delivery at the end of April this past year and now the company owns a state-of-the-art tanker the construction for which was recently completed. This particular tanker is the final piece in a series of four separate, custom-built anchors and all four of which are based on the original design put forth by Desgagnés and ordered from a shipyard out of Istanbul in Turkey. This particular vessel is set to leave Turkey and reach Canada by the middle of June.

The concept behind tanks construction

So why are these new tankers here? It is part of a renewal plan put forth by the company to reaffirm the commitment it has to Environmental Protection as well as developing sustainable shipping methods. The company has made its name offering unparalleled service and providing unique career opportunities to anyone who wants to take advantage of ships, young and old. This is in large part what has contributed to the construction of the special tankers. These Innovative and colossal designs have been put forth as a result of the chairman and the chief executive officer of the company who named the ship in tribute to a man named Mario Rossi who has worked for the company for 15 years and heavily contributed to the design and the supervision of the new tankers.

Specifics of the Rossi A. Desgagné (first polar class dual fuel tanker)

This is a dual fuel tanker which means it can also utilize liquefied natural gas. Liquefied natural gas brings undeniable advantages and the first of which is the fact that it significantly decreases greenhouse gas emissions. Following closely behind is the fact that it reduces particle emissions and brings them to practically nothing.

The Rossi A. Desgagnés ship is a double hold, polar 7 ice class ship. As such it has the capacity to navigate through ice-laden waters. The ship has a deadweight of 15000 tons and currently has 7.8 M worth of draft which means that the cargo tanks can actually hold up to 17,505 m3 at 98% capacity. Such capacity is nearly unprecedented at such a size and with the ability to navigate all manner of terrain.

So what is powering this new machine? Under the hood, you will find a Wärtsilä 5RT-flex 50DF engine capable of producing 5,450 kW power and that’s not all. In an effort to maintain outstanding maneuverability and to keep safety at optimum levels so that all employees are as safe as possible, the ship also features things such as a 550kW stern thruster complete with a dynamic positioning system, a 750kW bow thruster, and a variable pitch propeller.

Ships construction supports commitment to environmental protection

Not only will this reduce pollution and thereby support environmental protection for each and every voyage but it will reduce operational costs for the company. The reduction in fuel means that overall there will be a substantial reduction in emissions which, in the long term, will accumulate.  As of now, the company owns five of these dual fuel tankers and it’s particularly proud not only of this fleet which it hosts in America but of the other fleets it has all of which focus on environmental protection, sustainability, and safety. Clearly, the company is doing well to maintain its triumphant vision of moving ever forward toward perfection.

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