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What are the three factors you value the most when it comes to using warehouses in the United States?

Today's your lucky day, because LILLY + Associates can provide you with all three (and more!). We have spent countless hours surveying our clients and doing research on what they need. Over our nearly 20 year history, we've created the perfect list of services that fill the gaps. We strongly believe that when it comes to logistics, you shouldn't have to compromise on your list of demands.

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State-of-the-Art Security

One of the easiest ways to lose sleep as an importer or exporter is to feel like the goods you have in storage aren't safe and secure. Well, we certainly don’t want you to lose any sleep! In response to this need, we have around the clock security at all our U.S. warehousing facilities. We are committed to protecting our customers’ valuable cargo, and you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving:

We know you already have a lot to think about, so leave the security to us. After all, we'ere here to help you!

Keep the Control in Your Hands

Just because you are trusting us with your domestic warehouse needs doesn't mean you should relinquish control over your own goods. With LILLY, you still get to regulate what we do with your shipments and when. Our innovative online inventory management system allows you to see up-to-date information and make decisions about storage, time frames, distribution, and more. Thank goodness for technology, right?

Need Goods Refrigerated?

Not a problem! By choosing LILLY for your storage needs, you are opting for high-quality warehouse solutions that include refrigeration options for your temperature-sensitive shipments.

Because you have control over the process, you have the freedom to dictate what needs to happen with your shipments – and when you have unique needs, we deliver! For instance, if you need flexibility in the rate of distribution of your products, we can charge you by the piece. That way, you can take out as little as you want at a time and your storage needs remain cost effective. We offer U.S. warehousing on both a short term and long term basis and will tailor our services to your needs.

We work with customers on a range of scales, and have provided services to everything from large corporations to mom and pop distributors to individuals. We will get to know your organization on a micro-level so that we can offer you something special. When it comes to domestic warehousing, our winning equation is security + control + flexibility = your peace of mind.

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