Short-Term Storage

Why Short Term Warehousing?

Short term warehousing is one of the many storage solutions we offer our customers. Most shippers use a variety of warehousing options, including long term, domestic, and international storehouses. Our customers often use short term solutions for:

We typically use the phrase “short term” to refer to any goods storage that lasts less than 60 to 90 days. This gives customers the flexibility they need to shuffle their merchandise and move small or large numbers of products quickly and with less notice. It can be difficult to accommodate last-minute or unexpected influxes in cargo, and whatever the case may be, we strive to store your goods in the most efficient way possible.

Convenient Accommodations

Chances are, if you’re using short term storage than you are going to need us to move quickly and efficiently to get your goods from point A to point B. We are one step ahead of you. We have implemented programs and processes that allow us to perform quick offloading and loading at exactly the right time. And when your goods need to be moved out of the warehouse, we ensure that the cargo reaches its final destination by executing quick loading and connecting the packages to the proper mode of transportation.

But what happens if your merchandise arrives at a warehouse and you don’t have to proper tools to offload the pallets? Again, we have come up with a solution that eliminates delay and moves the process along swiftly. We will receive shipments even if you don’t have the requisite docks, forklifts, or pallet jacks.

Why this is Typical of Lilly + Associates

Short term warehousing is just one more way that Lilly brings you innovation, control, and flexibility. We are acutely aware of how much our performance affects every aspect of your business. As a result, we have developed systems and processes that improve the way your supply chain functions and increase your customers’ satisfaction. And to us, that’s not something “extra” that is outside typical expectations. It’s just the way it should be.

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