Miami Free Trade Zone

If you’ve read our other free trade zone information (check out our pages on the Panama Free Zone and China Free Zone) you understand that working with an FTZ has huge advantages for international shippers. But FTZs aren’t just in other countries – they’re all over the United States, too. When it comes to shipping in South Florida, you can take advantage of two: the Miami Free Zone and the Foreign Trade Zone 281. Because our ShipLilly International headquarters is located right in the area, we have the proximity and resources you need to optimize your supply chain.

About FTZs in the United States

How do you know if you should take advantage of the Miami Free Trade Zone? There are a number of benefits to using the Miami FTZ for all your importing and exporting. Essentially, when you operate under free trade zone procedures your company is treated (at least as far as customs duties go) as if it is located outside the United States. This means that:

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And That’s Not All

In addition to the savings already mentioned, shippers can also reduce costs by avoiding paying duties on imported materials that become scrap. Plus, you can file a duty drawback form to reclaim some of your duties payments. It is even possible to save money by reducing administrative fees by operating within the FTZ.

The Miami Free Trade Zone is especially helpful if you are collecting materials or raw parts in the U.S. for manufacturing purposes. By operating within this region you can sort, destroy, clean, and grade merchandise, and even mix foreign and domestic goods. You can also label, assemble, manufacture, exhibit, sell, and repackage whatever components or finished products require it. Compare this to working through a bonded warehouse, where all you get to do is clean, repackage, and sort products. Not much of a comparison, is it?

Other Benefits

Depending on your needs as a company, you can also enjoy additional advantages to using an FTZ.

As you can tell, knowing all the ins and outs of free trade zones can be rather complicated. There’s a long list of benefits, but you need to make sure you do what’s best for your company. ShipLilly can help with that. We will help determine if an FTZ is right for your business. If it is, we will fill out all the paperwork, process the application, respond to any questions from CBP, and make sure that you can start operating in the Miami FTZ as soon as possible.

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