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When you think of freight distribution, what comes to mind? If you’re like many, you might think of it as a simple process of shipping goods from point A to point B. But if you stop there, you may find yourself wondering why it’s so important to hire a logistics provider. But in both domestic and international shipping the process can get quite complicated. Think about all the different global suppliers who manufacture goods for different shippers, who then need their goods shipped to a number of distribution centers, and then need them transferred to the end user at exactly the right time. This can be confusing for many, but not for LILLY. Complex supply chain freight distribution is our specialty.

Specialized Processes and Services

For some transporters, it’s enough for them to offer their customers a way to navigate the increasingly complex web of manufacturers, suppliers, shippers, distribution centers, and end users. That’s a great service, and we offer that too, but we also go a couple steps further. We offer value added services and specialize in a variety of beneficial processes, such as:

We will work with you and your company to figure out exactly what services could be beneficial to your bottom line. For example, if you sell a group of items that are typically purchased as a group, then our kitting management service would be perfect for you. We would give the items a unique SKU number and then stock and track the group of objects as a single unit.

Or if your company experiences large spikes in daily orders, for example during a particular season or through the holidays, then we will help you handle the demand through our shipment fluctuation response system.

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Take Control with Online Management

We know your goods are important to you, and expect you to worry as they traverse the country – or even the globe – and are organized and reorganized in distribution centers. But as much as possible we take your worries away through an online management system that allows you to see and make decisions about your shipments. This service is available on everything from the largest international orders to small parcels headed for domestic distribution. Whether traveling by truck or large ocean freight carrier, we put at your fingertips the tools you need to know exactly what is happening and when.

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