Medical Devices & Supplies

Some of the most valuable cargo we transport is that of medical devices and supplies. Although not always as expensive as electronics nor as difficult to load as heavy machinery, medical devices bring on their own set of challenges. If you are a medical equipment supplier, you are probably incredibly nervous about transporting your goods so that they arrive at the destination clean, undamaged, and ready for use. Thanks to the superhero expertise of LILLY + Associates, you can rest assured that your products will arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Because you know, we do think the medical industry is important…just a little bit.

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Medical Equipment Shipping

There are a couple essential principles of medical equipment transport that are of the utmost importance. These include:

Because of the extreme importance of using the proper containers to ship medical equipment both cross country and overseas, we work with our suppliers to make sure that each container meets the incredibly high standards of quality that we set. Our customers have a say every step of the way and can make their own judgments about the cleanliness, stability, and seaworthiness of containers.

Tip #57

If suppliers are loading the container, we encourage them to return the container when they’re done with it (if it is not class A). This can be done at no additional cost and it saves everyone time and money!

Loading Medical Equipment

When it comes to medical equipment shipping, there are two ways to load a container.

The benefit to the floor loaded option is that, because the cargo is not heavy, we can stack the boxes one on top of the other and use every possible inch of space. Although it does increase the cost of labor (this option takes more manpower), you also save money by transporting the most possible goods in each shipment. Since most medical equipment is not heavy, the space will be “cubed out” before it is “weighed out.”

Word to the Wise

What is the CIF Value, You Ask?

CIF stands for “cost, insurance, and freight” and is a term used in international transport. When a price is quoted in CIF, it includes the cost of the goods, the freight or transport costs, and also the cost of insurance.

We always encourage our customers to purchase insurance with zero deductible, whether it’s for cross country or international travel. This protects your shipments from any loss or damage in transit and minimizes the potential expense to you. And when shipping medical equipment abroad, it’s always a good idea to calculate the CIF value. By doing this, if you have a claim the insurance company will pay for the cost of goods, the cost of insurance, AND the cost of freight. Talk about a great return on investment!

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