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Here at LILLY we ship a wide variety of goods of all shapes and sizes. We try to operate under the motto that if you need it shipped, we make it happen. This includes just about anything that can fit in a truck, on an airplane, or on an ocean liner and can make a cross country or international journey. We can easily handle shipping automobile parts, tires, and rims. Because of our wide range of expertise when it comes to the shipping and logistics game, we have created a specific list of parameters and instructions to govern each type of product.

Auto Parts

Depending on the type of automobile parts being shipped, many goods of this type are subject to theft and damage. Just about any high value product, especially expensive car parts or those belonging to high-end vehicles, is more appealing to thieves. This means that:

You might think we are being overly cautious, but we don’t like to take any chances when it comes to our customers’ valuable cargo. We are acutely aware that your profitability is dependent on being able to get your goods from point A to point B safe and sound, which is why we have instituted such stringent measures.

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When it comes to shipping tires, we are experts at maximizing container space. What some people don’t realize is that there are actually different procedures for shipping used or new tires. Since we often ship tires in bulk, we do what we can to fit as many products as possible into the containers, whether they’re making a short cross country journey or are traveling abroad to see the sites (we hear tires are enthusiastic tourists). The procedures are as follows.

Used tires: we maximize the loadability of the goods by utilizing “lumping,” or the loading and unloading of motor carrier freight by individuals other than the employees of carriers/shippers/receivers.

New tires: we carefully ship new tires on slip sheets, which are throwaway pallets made of heavy cardboard and a small amount of wood.

What is a Customs Broker?

A US Customs Broker is a highly-trained individual, licensed and entrusted by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
Customs brokers not only have to be constantly attentive to U.S. Customs regulations and laws, but are also responsible for accurate classification of imported items within thousands of categories. They are also required to collect and pay the appropriate tariff or duty on shipped items.


Because there are so many theft issues related to shipping rims, we go out of our way to make sure that these high-value packages have extra security. This includes:


Rims do not contain serial numbers and can easily be resold, so they are especially tempting “scores” for thieves

In addition to the theft precautions we take, we also institute measures to try to prevent water damage. Salt water is the evil bad guy of international ocean travel, so we work with carriers to ensure that they use water tight containers in good condition and place the merchandise in secure areas of the ship with less exposure to water. Even though the rims themselves are water proof, the boxes and labels in which they are sold are not and so could get ruined.

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