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We can ship just about anything, from electronics and hardware, to furniture and appliances. Moving across the globe? We can handle that too.

There is no minimum requirement when shipping your goods overseas, but you will be charged for a minimum of 2 cubic meters (about the size of a standard pallet). In order to maximize the cost of your personal shipment, we recommend having your goods palletized.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For our team to best assist you, they will need to know the dimensions and weight of your shipment, piece count, and the origin and destination countries.

Yes, we are able to pick up palletized cargo. And in most cases, we can pick up individual boxes if they are less than 50 pounds in weight.

We can include door delivery in most countries, however a Customs release is required before goods can be delivered to the door. We recommend shippers work directly with destination Customs agent if they are delivering to themselves, or just make the goods available at the port if they are selling the goods to someone.

While cargo insurance isn’t required, we highly recommend it. Sunken ships, natural disasters, and damaged freight could put a serious halt in your supply chain.

The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida and operates wholly-owned offices in North America, South/ Central America, and Asia. Having employees around the globe allows us to maintain control of your cargo without communication delays.

We can palletize and shrink wrap loose boxes once they are delivered to our warehouse.

Why choose ShipLilly for your personal shipment?

Shipping personal effects to another country with a freight forwarder allows you to experience the same benefits that international businesses enjoy. We have high volume shipping contracts with major ocean carriers, meaning we negotiate low rates on your behalf. If you were to go directly to the ocean carriers, not only would you be handling documentation on your own, but you’d actually be paying more for your shipment.

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