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How does it work?

When it comes to vehicle shipping it is important for you to know that we ship all vehicles securely blocked, braced and tied down to ensure absolute security during transportation.

For your protection and peace of mind, we always recommend getting cargo insurance, no matter what you’re shipping.

What we need to know before shipping your vehicle

What type of vehicle are you shipping?

What's the make,
model, and year?

What are the origin and
destination countries?

What date will the vehicle
be ready to ship?

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Are you looking to ship other
items with the vehicle?

Do you want the
shipment insured?

How to prepare your vehicle

We’ll organize everything from your vehicle’s origin to destination as we guide you through the process of shipping automobiles. You’ll be provided with all the information you need, step by step. Your shipment may have special requirements, but the following list of items applies to most vehicle shipments.

Car coming out from a container
Roro vessel

Roll On / Roll Off Services

We also offer Roll On / Roll Off (RORO) services as a cost effective alternative when shipping motor vehicles.

Unlike a regular container shipment RO-RO refers to a combination of ground and sea transportation, where wheeled vehicles are driven or rolled on and off the ship on their own power or using a platform vehicle at the destination port.

RO-RO carriers are ships specially equipped to carry almost any type of wheeled vehicle, including cars, buses, trucks, boats and even construction and agricultural equipment.

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