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At its core, transferring products is what logistics and shipping is all about. And because of this, we have put together experienced teams who are experts at making sure your import, export, and F2F processes go as smoothly as possible. We specialize in ocean freight import and export, although we can provide you with trucking, rail and intermodal transport, and air freight as well.


There are a multitude of policies and requirements that a shipper must follow to have a smooth and stress-free import experience. Our expert teams will maintain import compliance at every step of the way so the stress is out of your hands.

When it comes to importing to the U.S., our qualified in-house customs brokerage division can handle all your duties and customs needs. We will:

Export Compliance and Services

When it comes to exporting out of the U.S. and other markets, we guarantee you that we will preserve export compliance as we handle all the specific and varied import requirements of other countries.
We offer competitive rates and will help you maximize the efficiency of your supply chain as you ship ocean freight exports or air freight. We will handle every aspect of your export needs so that you don’t have to, including:

F2F Ocean Shipping

Why F2F?

By shipping directly from the supplier to the end user you can avoid U.S. Customs and Border Protection, significantly decrease transportation time, and make end users happier with goods that arrive sooner.

Many of our customers have expressed the desire for a simplified version of a supply chain that allows them to cut out the “middle man” and avoid shipping cargo to the United States if they don’t have to do so. In these cases they need a service that we have dubbed foreign to foreign (F2F) shipping. Typically, goods go directly from the supplier to a customer in another country, thus bypassing any warehouses. You might be thinking, "If foreign to foreign shipping is so great, why aren't more people doing it?" The truth is that doing so is a very complex process that requires protecting the shipper's information so that the supplier and end user aren't exposed to each other. Guarding this process requires a blind bill of lading, also known as a "switch" bill of lading, and there are a number of specific requirements and specifications involved.

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