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Our customers enjoy the benefits of using an experienced, in-house customs brokerage team located right at our Miami headquarters. ShipLilly's expert brokers are standing by, ready to clear your goods upon arrival and make the import process as quick and painless as possible, all while avoiding fees and saving you money.

About the Port

PortMiami is a prominent U.S.-based port serving the needs of a variety of ocean freighters coming to South Florida from around the world. The port tends to attract faster and larger vessels whose shipments are often time-sensitive. As a result, the PortMiami authorities have put the right procedures in place to make transit time fast – much faster than dealing with its Port Everglades neighbor to the north. The process is also remarkably efficient thanks to:

The technology the port has implemented allows imports to flow comparatively faster through checkpoints, making the time it takes for your shipments to get to the U.S.-based warehouse or end user substantially shorter. While it is impossible to avoid customs holds 100% of the time, moving goods through CBP has become much more efficient.

Did You Know?

The Port of Miami is both the Cruise Capital of the World and the Cargo Gateway of the Americas. It contributes more than $18 billion annually to the South Florida economy and employs more than 180,000 people.

What is the ELMO Project?

The U.S. CBP developed this new technology in 2011 and started expanding its use to ports around Florida, including PortMiami, in 2012. The technology allows both Customs and Border Protection officials and agricultural specialists to release inspected cargo in real-time. Prior to the ELMO solution, officials conducted inspections on site, but the release of shipments would be delayed until the personnel could:

Who has time for all that? Certainly not our shippers. Which is why we were overjoyed (as were our shippers) at the release of this ELMO technology, which allows CBP staff to carry handheld computers and immediately clear containers. This innovation has shortened the average release time by a whopping four hours without sacrificing the integrity or security of the process. As a result of this technology, PortMiami now has some of the fastest inspection turnaround times in the nation, and cargo moves off-port in just minutes.

In Case You Were Wondering:

The ELMO in ELMO project stands for “Enforcement Link to Mobile Operations” and has nothing to do with the furry red puppet!

Keep In Mind

There is still a bottleneck at the port for drayage operators to pick up cargo, but not for long! New infrastructure developments at the port (namely the new tunnel) will have a tremendous impact on these delays and make the Port of Miami an even more effective South Florida shipping center.

When you use PortMiami and work with our in-house, licensed customs brokerage team, you can move on with your business faster, whether that means transporting goods to warehouses, sending them to the end user, or preparing them to become exports. By choosing Lilly, you’re getting a team of brokers that have all the right experience and access to all the right resources – including PortMiami.

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