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When it comes to international shipping, it is of paramount importance that shippers work with a knowledgeable, professional customs brokerage team. Why? Because if you go it alone, you could risk delays at the port, complicated document filing, and high penalties for even minor slip-ups. Our Miami-based team handles Customs Clearance and documentation for both PortMiami and Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades. If you have an annual bond, we handle Customs needs at all ports throughout the country.

We are the single solution for all your customs needs!

Our customs brokerage team is the single solution for all your import and export needs. Don’t get overwhelmed at the prospect of dealing with Customs and Border Protection, the Food and Drug Administration, or any other government agency. With our high level of expertise, we transform a complicated process into a simple, streamlined procedure. We will:

What is a Customs Broker?

A US Customs Broker is a highly-trained individual, licensed and entrusted by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
Customs brokers not only have to be constantly attentive to U.S. Customs regulations and laws, but are also responsible for accurate classification of imported items within thousands of categories. They are also required to collect and pay the appropriate tariff or duty on shipped items.

Helpful Customs Acronyms:

ABI Certified: Automated Broker Interface

Our in-house customs brokers can offer you a wide range of services to make importing your cargo a breeze. We are automated broker interface (ABI) certified, which means that our system is CBP-approved and has the latest technology to maximize productivity, accuracy, security, and efficiency as we file your electronic import data. Impressive, right?

RLF: Remote Location Filing

Thanks to our national permit, we can clear your merchandise in any U.S. port! We do remote location filing (RLF) in any U.S. port, as long as you have an annual bond (we can help you get an annual bond!). This electronic program allows us to transmit all information associated with an entry to an RLF-operational Customs Border Protection location.

EDI Transmission: Electronic Data Interchange

We can also do electronic data interchange (EDI) transmission, which is essentially the exchange of data between computers. Our high-tech infrastructure allows us to bypass outdated means of communication and use specific file formats to ensure faster, more secure, and more reliable transmission. By using this format we save money, which means we can pass that savings along to you. We can tell you're smiling right now. Unless you don't like saving money...

ISF: Importer Security Filing

You’ll also be happy to know that we take care of importer security filing (ISF) for you, which is a huge weight off your shoulders. We compile all the data and offer you detailed instructions on how to get through the filing process while remaining compliant. You really need a trusted partner (that's us) to help you manage this aspect of your import business. If not, you could end up with hefty fees that really do a number ($) on your business.

The ShipLilly Guarantee

Daily Hernandez

Head U.S. Customs House Broker at ShipLilly's Miami Headquarters

We know that you’re not asking for much. You want a logistics provider that can offer you quick, efficient service. You want a company that will simplify the process and put its expertise to good use in order to save you money. You want a customs brokerage team with the right resources and technology to handle any shipment that might come its way. ShipLilly guarantees that we check all those boxes - and then some. Our licensed team does all the complicated work so you can enjoy a stress-free experience. Call today to get started - (888) 464-5459.

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