Venezuela Seaports

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Seaport in Venezuela

The Port of La Guaira is the most popular and second largest port in Venezuela, partly because it is only about one hour from the capital city of Caracas. In fact, it is not a natural port, but a modern constructed port designed specifically for this location. The Port of La Guaira is the busiest port in Venezuela. This port handles mainly general cargo. It has an advanced bulk grain unloading conveyor that transports grains to nearby silos. Their future plans include another 4-lane highway giving faster access to the city, and a railway system.

The Port of La Guaira is recognized worldwide and respected for its dedication to excellence, efficiency, and safety. The port utilizes 26 berths, covers around 850 thousand square meters, and has a basin that is about 4339 meters long. It never shuts down, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Located at the bottom of the Venezuela highlands, the Port of Guaira is a beautiful site to behold. The port itself is a historical landmark which has been in operation since 1580. The capital city of Caracas has literally grown up around the port for centuries and many historical sites can be seen from the port, including castles, forts, and churches that are considered to be national treasures.

The Port of Puerto Cabello, or Cabello Port, is on the north coast of Venezuela, about 75 km west of Caracas. This is the largest port in Venezuela and is known for its importance in the oil industry. Like the Port of Guaira, it also has a rich culture and considerable historical importance. From the port you can see two forts, the Solano Fort and the massive San Felipe Fortress. There is an abundance of interesting architecture to behold from the pier.

The Port of Puerto Cabello is located in a hot and arid climate. The smooth, calm waters gave it its name, which translates into Port Hair. The waters were so smooth that people said that you could tie giant vessels to the docks with a single strand of hair.

The port authority over the Port of Puerto Cabello is very successful in maintaining a strict standard of operations. They have developed and modernized the port infrastructure, aiming to be Venezuela’s leading port. They help to support the Venezuelan economy while making strides to maintain beneficial relationships with other ports and countries.

Puerto Cabello handles 80% of all inbound cargo for Venezuela. The port has mechanical bulk cargo handling equipment. They generally handle grains, fertilizers, and other chemicals. They have great roads that give immediate access to many nearby cities and the railroad system is usable in many areas. Their future plans include rebuilding much of the railway system and expanding it to service the capital city, Caracas.

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