15 Transportation and Logistics Experts You Need to Follow in 2016

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When you need advice in life, where do you turn?

Maybe you look to your spouse for feedback and support. Maybe your best friend always seems to set you on the right path. Or you may even find the best guidance and wisdom from a parent or close relative.

But when it comes to advice and resources in the transportation and logistics industries, who do you turn to then?

That’s easy: you should follow the top minds in the industry. Lucky for you, there’s a ton of smart, well-respected logistics experts who stay on top of the latest trends in shipping freight around the world. And as you start preparing for the 2016 business year, it would be wise for you to know who those people are.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 15 global shipping experts to follow in 2016 (and beyond). Without further ado, here’s who you should turn to (in no particular order) when you want up-to-date information on everything shipping:

Peter Tirschwell

Peter TirschwellTirschwell is the Senior Director for Editorial Content at the IHS Maritime & Trade Group. He previously served as Vice President and Chief Content Officer for the leading logistics trade publication The Journal of Commerce. Tirschwell will also be a speaker for JOC’s upcoming Port Performance North America Conference, which is only one of the many industry events he’s spoken at in the past. You can find Peter on Twitter at @PeterTirschwell.

Richard Clayton

Richard ClaytonAnother employee of the IHS Maritime & Trade Group, Clayton holds the role of Chief Maritime Analyst. Before that, he worked as the editor for IHS Maritime Fairplay magazine. Clayton frequently travels the world to report on maritime trade, and according to his bio, believes journalists and analysts have a participatory role to play in the shipping industry (which is why he often speaks at events, too). You can find Richard on Twitter at @rjbclayton.

Bill Mongelluzzo

Bill MongelluzzoMongelluzzo is another leading logistics mind with ties to JOC; he serves as the publication’s senior editor. An expert in trans-Pacific trade and West Coast ports and labor, Mongelluzzo’s most popular article from 2015 has received over 9,200 social shares to date. Like Tirschwell, he’s also speaking at the Port Performance North America Conference. You can find Bill on Twitter at @billmongelluzzo.

Richard Meade

Richard MeadeIf you haven’t heard of Meade before this, you definitely need to start following him now. He was the previous news and feature editor at Fairplay before becoming the deputy editor and then editor of shipping industry news site Lloyd’s List. Meade consistently contributes articles to his publication and has over ten years of shipping industry expertise. You can find Richard on Twitter at @Lloydslisted.

Sam Chambers

Sam ChambersChambers is a the editorial director of Asia Shipping Media, which publishes Splash 24/7, SinoShip, and Maritime CEO. He contributes regular news to Splash. Chambers’ most-shared article from 2015, about the unfortunate sinking of a livestock carrier ship, garnered over 7,000 shares. Chambers has been published in The New York Times, The Sunday Times, and The Economist. You can find Sam on Twitter at @SamChambers.

Lena Göthberg

Lena GöthbergAs one of the leading female voices in the shipping industry, Göthberg isn’t one you want to miss following in 2016. She once served as the President of Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association in Sweden. But best of all, Göthberg just launched the Shipping Podcast in August 2015, which features professionals in the maritime industry. You can find Lena on Twitter at @LenaGothberg.

Maersk Line Social

Maersk LineObviously, this isn’t an individual person you can follow for 2016, but Maersk should be on your list nonetheless. Denmark’s Maersk Social Line is one of the top ocean carriers out there, and is dedicated to sharing ideas and thoughts through social media. The carrier line’s digital efforts seem to have paid off; Maersk boasts over 119,000 followers on Twitter alone. You can find Maersk Line on Twitter at @MaerskLine.

Loretta Chao

Loretta ChaoBased in New York City, Chao has been a logistics reporter for the Wall Street Journal since 2005. She previously worked as a foreign correspondent out of China and Brazil, and did some writing in the tech industry, too. Chao’s Twitter feed is a solid resource of up-to-date logistics and supply chain news, so make sure you’re following her next year. You can find Loretta on Twitter at @LorettaChao.

Lora Cecere

Lora CecereCecere is an impressive logistics expert to follow in 2016. The enterprise strategist boasts over 40 years of experience in supply chains, and is the founder and CEO of her own consultancy firm, Supply Chain Insights. Cecere also runs the logistics blog Supply Chain Shaman, and is author of the book Bricks Matter: The Role of Supply Chains in Building Market-Driven Differentiation. You can find Lora on Twitter at @lcecere.

Dr. Bruce Hartman

Dr. Bruce HartmanMost of the experts on this list are logistics writers or analysts, so it’s time to throw in a leading academic. Hartman serves as a Visiting Professor at the University of St. Francis’ College of Business in Joliet, Illinois. He teaches classes on logistics, economics, and operations management, and is a member of both the American Society for Transportation and Logistics and the International Association of Maritime Economists. You can find Dr. Bruce on Twitter at @bruceosm.

Jeff Ashcroft

Jeff AshcroftWith a whopping 14,000 followers on Twitter, Ashcroft is a must-follow logistics expert for 2016 (if you aren’t already). Ashcroft serves as the Retail and E-commerce Business Developer for SCI Logistics in Toronto, Canada. He developed the idea of matrix commerce, and runs the Supply Chain Network blog. You can find Jeff on Twitter at @jeffashcroft.

David W. Weaver

David W WeaverWeaver holds a more digital role in the logistics world as an Online Marketing Manager at INFORM GmbH in Germany. He’s dedicated to the world of supply chains and getting logistics experts into the digital world. Weaver currently runs the Inventory and Supply Chain Optimization blog, which covers exactly the kinds of topics it sounds like it does. You can find David on Twitter at @weaver_davidw.

Kevin O’Meara

Kevin O'MearaO’Meara serves as the Senior Vice President of Operations at maintenance and repair wholesale distributor Interline Brands. He has over 20 years of experience in logistics and supply chains. O’Meara is a great expert to follow in 2016 as he compiles all the best logistics news in the Logistics Industry Daily paper. You can find Kevin on Twitter at @Logisticsexpert.

Cathy Roberson

Cathy RobersonAnother great analyst for you to follow in the coming year, Roberson is a logistics and research analyst who previously worked at Transport Intelligence. Now, Roberson serves as head analyst at the consultancy company she founded, Logistics Trends & Insights, LLC. You can find Cathy on Twitter at @cmroberson06.

Eric Johnson

Eric JohnsonFor our final logistics expert to follow in 2016, we picked a self-proclaimed “logistics nerd.” Johnson serves as the IT Editor and Research Director at the American Shipper publication. He also works as a principal consultant at Bluewater Reporting, and regularly tweets about logistics (and the Lakers). You can find Eric on Twitter at @AmShipEric.

These 15 experts have their fingers on the pulse of the logistics industry. Follow them, and you’re sure to get all the advice, news, and information you need for 2016!

Did we miss your favorite expert to follow? We love being introduced to new, brilliant minds, so let us know in the comments.

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