The Benefits of Tracking your Containers in Real-Time

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One of the benefits of using shipment tracking technology is the ability to update your customers according to their needs and expectations. Regardless of the time, day, month, or year, you can provide customers a precise update on what is happening to their cargo. If there are any problems, you can easily notify other partners so that a solution may be implemented before matters escalate. The information provided is so accurate that you do not have to worry about complaints later for incorrect information or the right information at the wrong time. 

The use of technology empowers the shipping industry to work more efficiently. With the early warning signs that shipment technology will provide, you may be able to moderate the costs that you pay for demurrage and detention. These savings can be invested back into ensuring reduced prices for your customers which will enhance customer loyalty. You may even be able to win new customers on the basis that you have an accurate and up-to-date communication system. 

Shipment technology is particularly relevant in the modern age with Covid-19 and a host of operational challenges that have hit the industry in recent months. Those companies that embrace technology will be at an advantage because they will provide their customers with a superior and competitive service package. This technology allows you to achieve real-time shipment visibility which is essential for building and maintaining relationships throughout the supply chain. As a starting point, it is important to understand what real-time container tracking involves. 

Conceptualization of real-time container tracking

Real-time container tracking is a series of technological functions that allows customers, shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders to access the latest status updates on cargo. The technology is effective regardless of location, time zone, route, port, personnel, and cargo type. Despite these benefits, experts are still unsure as to why the technology is not more widely used in the sector. 


There are several benefits that can arise if you decide to invest in real-time tracking or cargo. These benefits are most effective when the technology is of the highest quality and is utilized in the company according to the recommended procedures. We have identified three benefits of purchasing and using real-time tracking for cargo:

  1. Reduction in detention and demurrage fees

It is likely that you will see a dramatic reduction in the costs that you incur due to demurrage and detention. This is because you will have timely alerts when your cargo has arrived or when it is delayed so that you can handle it appropriately. In the pre-technology days, the shipment status could take time to update. That meant that you could assume that your shipment is still on its way when it has already arrived and is incurring demurrage fees as well as other detention costs. Experts estimate that you can shave off as much as a day from the time lag before you are notified that your shipment has arrived if you use this modern technology. Indeed, you could have a real-time tracking report so that your team is ready the moment that the ship is docked. 

  1. Elimination of most manual processes 

Working manually can be a tedious waste of time and become an inefficient use of other resources. An improvement to the manual process is the use of integration of electronic data interchange (EDI) which reduces duplication and other waste. EDI removes the requirement to manually check all carrier sites to determine the status of your cargo. All container information is centralized for easy access and processing. This makes your decision-making easier and more accurate. You will receive notifications upon change of status so that you can trigger appropriate procedures to ensure the best delivery schedule. 

  1. Improvement in customer satisfaction and communication efficiency

Customers will prefer these improved processes because they know that they will receive their shipments in time. Moreover, it allows you to engage with customers if something goes wrong so that they can make contingency plans. Customers are more likely to be understanding if they are informed in advance of a problem rather than waiting for the worst effects of the problem before informing them. It is useful for customers to view all information relating to their cargo because it gives them an extra layer of reassurance. The technology allows you to communicate with multiple customers simultaneously using electronic means rather than emailing them individually and calling to confirm information. 

Key features of a container tracking system

There are several things to consider in selecting a brand of container tracking systems to partner with. First, the technology must be capable of rapid responses and updates. It should have sufficient capacity to coordinate multiple cases. There must be an attached communication system that is fully integrated so that all parties get the information they need. You should be able to manually change certain details so that you can fit in with other partners that are not already on the system. Finally, the system must be secure because it contains information that could be extremely sensitive. 

Wrapping up

Technological advancements are a critical factor in improving service delivery in the shipping industry. One of the latest products is real-time container tracking. This is a vast improvement on traditional manual methods that were associated with long days and human error. The best technology is fast, secure, dependable, and fully integrated. You should ensure that the technology package you purchase covers the largest part of the port. For example, it is typical for technology packages to cover up to 99% of the terminal port. Finally, engage your staff and partners in the technology process so that they can access it at will. In this way, you will make your business more responsive to client and partner needs.

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