The Strangest Items Ever Seized by Customs

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With the recent news of Baltimore U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials intercepting seven shipments of uncertified chicken skeletons from China, we wondered what were the oddest items that have ever been seized by authorities. Can you believe these goods are traveling on our airplanes and cargo ships? It is hard to believe!

Tusks and Rhino Skins
Over $5 million dollars of illegal ivory, rhino horns, and leopard skins were found hidden in an ocean container ship traveling from Nigeria to Hong Kong.

Skins and Tusks Seized by Authorities

Tropical Fish
A women leaving Singapore tried to smuggle 51 tropical fish in her skirt into Australia. Authorities were alerted when they heard “flipping sounds” coming from her waist.

Tropical Fish Seized by Authorities

Statue Made of Illegal Substances
These statues are actually contraband made from the illegal drug, “speed.”

Statues made of Illegal Substances

A type of rare crocodile, called a gavial, was found on a passenger flight from Bangladesh to Thailand.

Gavial Crocodile

Human Skull
In a Munich airport, two Italian women were caught with a human skull. When questioned, the “skeleton” in question had died in Brazil and wished to be buried in Italy. The women showed proper documentation and were allowed to proceed.

Human Skull Found on Airplane

66 iPhones
A Chinese man tried smuggling 66 iPhones strapped to his body with duct tape.

Man Attempts to Smuggle 66 iPhones

Money in pastries
In Berlin, German customs agency confiscated money concealed in a assorted of pastries.

Currency in Pastries

Texan-style Armadillo
While an route from Texas to Australia, a gun-carrying stuffed armadillo was seized by authorities. The gift breached Australia’s stringent wildlife importation laws.

Gun-Toting Armadillo

Human eyes
In 2007, a jar of 10 human eye balls floating in a jelly jar was seized at London Stansted Airport.

Human eyes in jars

Falcon Eggs
48 year old man tried to smuggle 14 rare Peregrine falcon eggs out of Birmingham airport to hatch at a later time. The eggs are worth  70K euros and were to be sold to a businessman in Dubai.

Falcon Egg Seized

Snakes on a plane? A woman was arrested in Stockholm, Sweden who was trying to smuggle 75 live snakes in her bra. Authorities became suspicious after seeing the woman frequently itching her chest

Snakes Seized by Customs

Chicken Skeletons
Seven cases of intercepted chicken skeletons from China were  recently seized by U.S. CBP. Although they intended to be for display or educational purposes, the threat of potential foreign animal diseases halted their arrival in the U.S.

Chicken skeleton seized in Baltimore

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