NY Container Terminal’s CES Speeds Turnaround at the Port

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New York Container Terminal is an intermodal cargo handling and full-service ocean container handling facility located in the Port of New York and New Jersey. They recently reported that they have handled more than 2,000 container inspections for the port since they opened up on January 9, 2012.

This was made possible by the creation of the terminal’s Centralized Examination Site (CES). The New York Container Terminal’s CES has met and is meeting all United States Customs and Border Protection requirements since opening earlier this year. They are operating as a Comprehensive Centralized Examination Site. The new CES is “attracting new customers to use the facility from customers across the entire port”.

The term “Comprehensive CES” means that the facility performs all of the inspection procedures that could possibly be ordered on ocean freight containers as they enter the United States. These procedures could include anything from agricultural checks, intensive cargo examinations, to x-ray scanning.

New York Container Terminal developed the Comprehensive CES facility in response to a US Customs mandate “to consolidate inspection operations” at the Port of New York and New Jersey. They updated, modified and adjusted the facility to meet the specifications provided by US Customs in order to open on time. They met the deadlines and produced a highly efficient and functional Comprehensive CES.

The project was directed, implemented and managed by the Port of New York and New Jersey Director of Logistics Brad Winfree, reporting to James J. Devine. Devine said, “Facing an extremely aggressive timeline to have the CES up and running, we were able to complete development and implement an operating procedure that is best-in-class, meeting NYCT standards for quality. US Customs was a great facilitator of the project. We will continue to work as a team to improve operational efficiency for all port customers.”

The fast turnaround times of the CES is credited to the vast space developed by New York Container Terminal, as well as the careful planning as to accommodate the specific needs of a port this large. The CES was developed on a 10-acre site. They also used an existing 212,000 square foot warehouse facility and retrofitted it to accommodate US Customs and Border Protection with plenty of inspection space. Accommodations were also made for agricultural inspections, security, safe container x-rays, and plenty of parking space was set aside for dry and refrigerated shipments.

Melissa Boyer, Import Process Manager for CSAV Agency North America, said that New York Container Terminal was chosen for the CES project because of their “best-in-class approach”. She says that “Containers are moved, examined and released quickly enabling us to manage and cycle our inventory.”

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