Maersk Ship Recycling Renovates Design Standards

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computer model of maersk container ship recycling process

Maersk Line has made a habit out of standing at the forefront of new innovations in shipbuilding, from competing for the title of “world’s largest ship” to taking a lead on more eco-friendly designs. The company has also tackled a longstanding problem in the industry – recycling. Traditionally, many old materials from ships have gone to scrap yards, and the toxic methods used to dispose of such scrap metal releases harmful pollutants into the environment.

Last year, Maersk unveiled a fully comprehensive, “Cradle-to-Cradle Passport,” which keeps tabs on every single aspect of its newest Triple-E vessels. By closely monitoring the construction inventory of the ships, Maersk can account for every nut and bolt on board, making recycling easier and more convenient than ever.

A Win, Win for Earth Lovers and Penny Pinchers

At the end of a ship’s life, Maersk employees carefully sort the liners’ materials into three categories – high grade and low-grade steel, plus “miscellaneous” pieces such as copper wiring. This convenient organization system allows ship designers to reuse every bit of material that would otherwise end up in the trash, generating new vessels for a fraction of the cost and with substantially less impact on the environment.

This decision represents just one of many ways shipbuilders and carriers are getting creative in the name of savings. Many other organizations have found similar success in their attempt to simultaneously cut costs and trim environmental waste.

Be sure to check out the video overview of Maersk’s ship recycling process below!

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