Logistics Inspired Halloween Costumes

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You are a logistics manager. All day long you think about how to optimize your supply chain. Why not keep that transportation theme going on Halloween?!

Here is our collection of the best logistics costumes! Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

Box Man

For the warehousing inclined…

Human Crane

This crane costume is perfect for those of you who dream of unloading and offloading cargo containers from drayage trucks!
Crane Costume

Tractor Trailer

You love domestic trucking so much that your children even want to dress up as your favorite transportation carriers. I wonder if this costume transforms like Optimus Prime?
Semi-Truck Costume

Ocean Shipper

Dream of a faster transit time? Dress up as an ocean shipping vessel this Halloween!
ocean shipping vessel costume

Air Cargo Dog

Get all the members of the family decked out in logistics gear by dressing your pooch in air cargo attire.
Dog Air Cargo

UPS Truck

Always dream of being a part of the courier fleet? Now you can with this UPS delivery person and truck costume.
Always wanted to be part of the courier fleet? Now you can with this UPS delivery Person and Truck costume.

UPS Labeled Onesie

Is distribution so part of your daily life that you might have accidentally labeled your baby? This UPS baby costume makes sure you bring the distribution network home with you.
UPS baby

Tug Boat

The tug boat is essential for inland river port navigation and is essential in your Halloween costume lineup.
Tug Boat Costume

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