Shiplilly Announces a New Addition to its Fleet, “Thorco Angela”

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Shiplilly has recently announced that it is adding a new vessel to its fleet, Thorco Angela, travelling under the Marshall Islands flag. It is expected to anchor at the port of La Guaira in Venezuela on February, 17th 2022 (midday). 

It has been a long-term objective of Shiplilly to build capacity. This is a strategic decision that is underpinned by a commitment to ensure weekly departures from Puerto de la Guaira as well as Puerto Cabello. Shiplilly prides itself on the centrality of its connections to Venezuela through its maritime bridge in Panama. Additionally, the shipping company has acquired a new warehouse in Panama, Colón Logistics Park (CLP), to support its operations.

Shiplilly will continue offering a regional hub that can service all surrounding markets. We operate a just-in-time policy that ensures prompt deliveries. Our weekly sailing schedule is ideal for businesses that don’t want to deal with a buildup of inventories. It also means that there is an opportunity for a quick resupply.

We hope that the addition of Thorco Angela will support the work that we are currently doing at CLP which is at the heart of the Colón Container Terminal (Evergreen). This is a vital strategic location that is just a 75 minute drive to the Tocumen International Airport or Panama City. CLP is the newest logistics park in Panama and is an incredible opportunity for high-end supply chain operations that are technology-driven.

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Shiplilly started as a logistics , storage and cargo consolidation company before becoming a VOCC. We typically operate between Venezuela and Panama with prospects for further expansion. We have been in business for more than 25 years and boast a global presence that includes China, Mexico, and the USA.

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