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ShipLilly pricing manager

Spending countless hours hunting for the best rates for our clients, Lucio Chang started his journey back in 1999.

At first, Lucio saw himself following a completely different path from where he would eventually be. He was assembling pizzas in a local restaurant chain in Miami but felt a strong desire to explore his opportunities in new fields. A problem-solver by nature, he went on to pursue a career where his traits would best fit and where he could do both, learn and be a leader.

The moment came in 1999 when he was given the opportunity to assist the pricing department of ShipLilly (known back then as LILLY + Associates International), a fast-growing company in the logistics industry, in which he excelled immediately due to his remarkable commitment and passion, ultimately becoming the head of the department in just 18 short months after his start.

How did you find yourself with a career in logistics?

It started with my interest to solve problems and interact with people; it has always been my passion. Don’t get me wrong, working for a restaurant is a hard and respectable job, but I felt the need to do something more, I needed to explore the world. I discovered that I like to lead. The logistics industry has allowed me to practice and more importantly, keep developing all these skills.

What was your best day at work? 

Every day in this industry is completely different. Full of new challenges to overcome, which makes this job thrilling and unique. Every problem you solve and every rate you get approved brings you a small but meaningful victory that becomes addictive. It would be too hard for me to point out the best day, specifically.

“Communication is key in this field, all of us fail if we don’t communicate, internally and externally.”

Lucio Chang, Pricing Manager at ShipLilly

How would you describe the culture of the company?

A logistics company must run like a well-oiled machine and every piece is essential. Here at ShipLilly every department works as a team. Always keeping in mind that our job must be perfectly done so that our colleagues can continue with the next step of the process. Communication is key in this field, all of us fail if we don’t communicate internally and externally.

Can you share a memorable story or event you experienced during your career?

It was during a business trip we did to Turkey, I met so many amazing and welcoming people there, learned so much about their culture. It felt like a mixture of vacations and work at the same time; hard to describe with plain words. I couldn’t believe that experience was part of the work.

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4 Comments on “Consistency & Work Ethic”

  1. Andrea Coppola

    Lucio is a very capable professional. Not only for his impressive skills on pricing for global logistics. He is also a real gentleman who always keeps kind manners even under the pressure of the most demanding clients! Bravo!

  2. Dayana De sousa

    Lucio is the excellet professional in this area and he’s a special person. Mi amigo todo el éxito del mundo para ti.

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