Cargo Catches Fire Moments Before it is Loaded on Plane at Hong Kong Airport

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There was an incident at Hong Kong airport on Monday, 10/9 when an oil spillage from a lifting platform caused a major fire. This meant that all cargo containing batteries were getting an extra check. A 59-year old ground worker at the airport sustained a few relatively minor injuries during the incident and was eventually referred to the Princess Margaret Hospital.

A car parked near American Airlines flight AA192 caught fire at 5.20pm near gate 42, leading to a cancellation of the flight to Los Angeles and a reassignment of passengers. Cathay Pacific operates the hub that was at the center of the incident. It is one of the Oneworld Alliance partners.

The security and safety measures kicked in and the crew was able to put out the fire without serious injury. The local airport authorities undertook an incident review and the event was widely reported in social media with the help of the live footage of billowing black smoke emerging from the first floor of the airport.

Following this incident, there are likely to be even more stringent regulations on DG products that are going in and out of China. This is particularly important for those that use freight. Indeed, cargo shipping may turn out to be the preferred option for these substances. The industry as a whole is likely not to be significantly affected by the incident but it will be yet another incident that puts the players on pins and needles about what might happen next.


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