Ocean Freight

LILLY + Associates is a licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and a licensed Ocean Freight Forwarder headquartered in Miami. Our high volume contracts with ocean carriers allow us to bring our customers competitive rates from multiple carriers with frequent departures. We’re proud to say that all documentation and value added extras are processed in-house through our network of offices around the globe.

We can book your cargo, arrange for pickup and delivery, and manage all import/export documentation from nearly any origin, destination, or carrier in the world. Our team of experts will manage your ocean shipment from door-to-door, based on your timing, cargo size, and equipment needs.

Full Container Loads (FCL)

FCL shipping is the most efficient and cost effective container shipping method. FCL involves one shipper and one consignee – meaning you do not share space in the container with other shippers. In order to simplify the logistics of a supply chain and reduce risk, many shippers choose to ship FCL while not actually filling the container to capacity.

A typical door-to-door FCL shipping process includes:
– Transporting the empty container from the container yard
– Loading the container at the shipper’s facility
– Transporting the container via truck or rail to the departure port
– Shipping the container to the destination port
– Delivering the container to its final destination

Less than Container Load (LCL)

When shippers do not have enough cargo to fill an entire 20 foot or 40 foot container, we recommend less-than-container load shipping. LCL refers to consolidated shipments of loose cargo that are typically boxed, palletized or crated. LCL is typically cheaper due to the cost of the full container being shared between multiple shippers – however, the rate per equivalent weight of an LCL shipment will be much higher than a full container load (FCL). Despite sharing a container with other shippers, LCL still allows visibility and control over your cargo.

Break Bulk Cargo

Break bulk shipping refers to cargo that must be loaded onto a vessel individually, rather than in a shipping container. Break bulk cargo will not fit into a container due to its large size or weight.

We will take care of your break bulk shipment, including heavy machinery, large equipment, infrastructure building supplies, granite blocks, rolling stock, oil well supplies, and other various types of project cargo. Our skilled operations team will take your cargo from door-to-door regardless of any special needs your company may have.

Refrigerated Containers (Reefer)

Refrigerated containers, also known as reefer containers, transport cargo that requires a controlled temperature to protect against heat and cold while providing proper ventilation. Reefer containers are most often used for shipping perishable commodities. LILLY + Associates provides shippers with reefer containers equipped with controlled atmosphere technology, ensuring safe delivery of your cargo to its destination.

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