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International Newsletter: October 2015
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As the one year anniversary of the PortMiami Tunnel's opening approached this past August, we began the task of writing an article on its first year of operation. But as we listened to Miami Access Tunnel CEO, Chris Hodgkins, during our delightful behind-the-scenes tour of the tunnel’s operations center, we realized this article would be much more than originally imagined. So we changed gears a bit, ultimately crafting the most comprehensive PortMiami Tunnel article in the universe. An article so comprehensive, Wikipedia’s PortMiami Tunnel page aspires to be as great as it! Enjoy!

-Nelson R. Cabrera
LILLY + Associates International

PortMiami Tunnel: The New Standard in Transportation Infrastructure

A Little Context

The Port of Miami is among the most important economic centers in the United States, so after decades of planning, it is incredible to see how this one-of-a-kind project has affected operations. Before the tunnels opening there were more than 16,000 cars and trucks congesting the streets surrounding the port every day. Since its opening in August 2014, the tunnel has removed nearly 1.5 million trucks from the streets of downtown Miami, created thousands of jobs, and even boosted the economy. Read more.

From Start to Finish: A Five-Year Endeavor

What started as a grass field is now home to one of the greatest engineering feats in South Florida, a tunnel that dips 120 feet beneath Biscayne Bay. While there were a few delays, the network of public and private entities that came together completed the project on time and $90 million under budget, positively impacting the community along the way. Read more.

Helping People Day-to-Day

PortMiami Tunnel is one of the most secure tunnels in North America, and after a year of operation has maintained a clean track record. Their state-of-the-art equipment includes enormous floodgates, an “Automatic Incident Detection” system, and 91 CCTV security cameras monitored 24 hours a day, among others. On top of the amazing safety features, the tunnel does not charge its drivers a toll for entering the portal, simply asking for respect of the rules in return. Read more.

Economic Impact

Among the most interesting aspects of this project has been Operation 305, an effort to hire locally. More than 6,000 new jobs were created during this time, 83% of which were given to deserving Miami Dade County residents, an accomplishment so amazing even President Obama made a visit. The PortMiami Tunnel Project is an example of smart investing that has truly been improving the quality of life for Miami residents from day one. Read more.

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