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International Newsletter: June 2015
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June is coming to a close and it’s time for another LILLY Newsletter! This month we’ve got 4 exciting articles including the use of drones in Japanese shipyards, our review of SeaIntel’s 2015 carrier reliability report, the shipping "green movement," and our take on the increasing size of cargo ships and what it means for the future of container prices.

Drone Deployment In Japanese Shipyards May Increase Safety and Efficiency

With annual growth rates at over 400% for civilian and commercial drones, it was only a matter of time before the shipping industry got on board. Check out how shipyards are using drones to increase efficiency and safety.

2015 Reliability Report Offers Insight into Unpredictable Performance

Carrier reliability is key to ensuring your goods arrive on time. See how the biggest container lines stack up and find out who’s the most reliable in our breakdown of SeaIntel’s 2015 reliability report.

Shippers are "Going Green" to Save the Planet and their Profits

Did you know as much as 3% of global emissions are produced by cargo ship liners? With such a significant impact on the environment, new innovations like wind, natural gas, and solar powered cargo liners are joining the fleet. Learn about the latest “green” technology currently on the water and what's coming next here.

Shippers Wonder: Is Bigger Really Better?

In an effort to stay competitive, carriers are spending big bucks to build larger ships hopefully making shipping cheaper as trade and capacity grow in the years to come. Since January 2015 we've already seen rates drop as much as 45% on some routes, take a look at our quick analysis of this shipping revolution.

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