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International Newsletter: April 2015
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April is coming to a close and it's time for another LILLY Newsletter! This month we've got 5 great articles and the definitive resource for everything related to the U.S. West Coast Port issues. Enjoy!

JOC’s Top 40 Carrier Ranking Shows Growth, Strong Competition

Last week, the online Journal of Commerce (JOC) released its annual assessment of the top 40 container carriers of 2014 using U.S. trade lanes. If you’re not a big fan of large tables with lots of numbers, you’re in luck, because we broke it down for you in our analysis of the 2014 report.

U.S. West Coast Port Updates (finally, a definitive resource!)

If you feel like there’s a new update or development coming out of the U.S. West Coast ports every week... that’s because there is! To help everyone stay up to date on the latest information, we created an interactive timeline of important updates. You definitely want to check it out!

Mind Your Sense: Managing Currency Fluctuation Risk and the Dollar

In supply chain management, being prepared is half the battle. Negotiating the vicissitudes of international trade requires a measured dose of risk-taking and an overabundance of mitigating strategies. Read the full story.

The Difference between Customs Agents and Cargo Agents

While the terms Customs Agent and Cargo Argent are so similar that it’s easy to mistake their meanings, in practice they actually define very different job responsibilities. Get back to the basics and learn the differences!

Drivers Strike for Better Wages and Benefits at West Coast Ports

Tensions are mounting at West Coast ports in the U.S., where short-haul drivers have just begun picketing four major trucking companies for better wages and benefits. This recent strike comes on the heels of renewed negotiations between the Maritime Pacific Association and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, whose standing conflict has caused cargo backups in the L.A./Long Beach ports for nearly year.

U.S. West Coast Ports at Their Best in Months, Imports Rising

After nearly a year of congestion and freight backup at the U.S. West Coast ports, experts are projecting a long-awaited increase in import cargo volume in the coming months. Read the full story on our blog.

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