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International Newsletter: February 2015
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February may be the shortest month of the year but it sure wasn’t short on interesting news! We've got 6 must see articles lined up for you in this month's newsletter. Enjoy!

Shocking Photos of West Coast Port Congestion, LA and Long Beach

The dreaded west coast port congestion will soon be coming to an end due to the ILWU and PMA reaching a tentative five-year agreement. How soon ports will return to normal operation is up for debate, but realistically it will take at least a few months, maybe more.

To give you an idea of just how congested it really is on the west coast, check out these 14 shocking photos of the LA and Long Beach ports. And we don’t just stop at the photos. We also discuss shippers “breaking up” with SoCal and the impact of the congestion throughout North America.

CSCL Globe: Inside Look at Second Largest Container Ship in the World

Despite being recently dethroned as the largest container ship in the world, the CSCL Globe is still a massive beauty. We invite you to (virtually) join smartPORT TV’s Matthias Wolk as he gives us an inside look at the impressive CSCL Globe. Watch the 3 minute video on our blog.

Foreign Trade Zones vs. Bonded Warehouses

If you’ve ever wondered how you can benefit from an FTZ warehouse, wonder no more! An FTZ can be an amazing asset to an international supply chain, but is it always the best option? In this detailed article we discuss the differences between an FTZ and a bonded warehouse, as well as when bonded warehouses are a smart alternative.

Saving Cargo Ships from Pirates, Inside Look at Elite Military Group’s Unique Training

Piracy on the open seas is a very serious issue in certain parts of the world. To combat the risk, an elite group of the Royal Danish Navy soldiers called the “Frogman Corp” run elaborate simulations on a regular basis... and we’ve got helmet cam footage of them, with assault rifles in hand, training aboard the Mary Maersk container ship. Check out the unique first person POV training video on our blog!

First Vessel to Carry Over 18,000 TEUs

The world has gotten used to container ships with 18,000+ TEU capacities but did you know that until recently, no ship had ever actually sailed with that much cargo? Click to find out who broke the world record earlier this year.

LILLY’s Top 15 Articles of 2014

We had so much great content in 2014 that we decided to recap the best of the best. A great mix of articles made it to the list, including fun posts like the spooky side of logistics to important news like the Venezuelan SICAD II application process. Find out what you may have missed in our top 15 articles of 2014. What do you think was #1?

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